Mini-workshops under the auspices of the ICFA Beam Dynamics Panel

These are specialized workshops initiated by one of the Beam Dynamics Panel's Working Groups.  They may be organized quite informally at short notice if desired.  Although there is no requirement to publish proceedings, they are in fact published in many cases.  Links to previous mini-workshops (some are included in the web pages for the three Working Groups)


· ICFA Mini-Workshop on Mitigation of Coherent Beam Instabilities in Particle Accelerators, September 23 - 27, 2019, in Zermatt, Switzerland.

· ICFA Mini-Workshop on DAFNE as Open Accelerator Test Facility in year 2020, December 17, 2018, at Frascati Laboratory of INFN, Italy.

· ICFA Mini-Workshop on Higher Order Modes in Superconducting Cavities, October 1-3, 2018 at Cornell University, USA.

· ICFA Mini-Workshop on Coherent Electron Cooling, in mid July, at Stony Brook University, USA.

· ICFA Mini-Workshop on Machine Learning Applications for Particle Accelerators, February 28 - March 2, 2018 at SLAC, California, USA.

· ICFA Mini-Workshop on Beam-Beam Effects in Circular Colliders, 5-7 February 2018, Berkeley, CA, USA.

· ICFA Mini-Workshop on Slow Extraction 2017, November 9-11, 2017, at CERN.

· ICFA Mini-Workshop on Dynamic Apertures of Circular Accelerators, November 1-3, 2017, at IHEP, China.

· ICFA Mini-Workshop, “Space Charge 2017”, October 4-6, 2017, at TU Darmstadt, Germany.

· ICFA Mini-Workshop on Non-linear Dynamics and Collective Effects, September 19-22, 2017, Arcidosso, Italy.

· ICFA Mini-Workshop on Impedance and Beam Instabilities in Particle Accelerators, 19-22 September 2017, Benevento, Italy.

· ICFA Mini-Workshop on Very High Energy Electron (VHEE) Radiotherapy: Medical and Accelerator Physics Aspects Towards Machine Realization, July 24-26, 2017, at Cockcroft Institute, Daresbury, UK.

· ICFA Mini-Workshop on Future Gamma-Gamma Collider, April 23-26, 2017 in Beijing, China

· ICFA Mini-Workshop on Beam Dynamics meets Vacuum, Collimations, and Surfaces, 8-10 March 2017, Karlsruhe, Germany.

· ICFA Mini-Workshop on High Order Modes in Superconducting Cavities 2016, 22-24 August 2016 Warnemünde, Germany

· Tracking for collimation, Oct 30, 2015, CERN.

· Electromagnetic wakefields and impedances in Particle Accelerators, 23-29 April, Erice (Sicily, Italy). Application deadline is January 31, 2014.

· ICFA Mini-Workshop on Commissioning of SuperKEKB and e+e– Colliders Nov. 11 to 13 at KEK.  

· Beam-beam Effects in Hadron Colliders (BB2013).  CERN.  March 18-22, 2013  

· Space Charge 2013 (SC13), CERN, April 15-19, 2013 

· 2012 Deflecting/Crabbing Cavity Applications in Accelerators Mini-Workshop, Host: Tsinghua University, China, July 18-20, 2012 in Lanzhou, China.  

· Higher-Order-Mode Diagnostics and Suppression in Superconducting Cavities (HOMSC12).   Conference Summary.  June 25-27, 2012.  Cockcroft Institute, UK.  

· HG2012.  International Workshop on Breakdown Science and High Gradient Technology, April 18-20, 2012, KEK, Japan.  

· DLA 2011, The Dielectric Laser Accelerator Workshop, was held September 15-16, 2011 at SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory.  

· The Low Emittance Rings workshop (an ICFA Beam Dynamics Panel Mini-Workshop) , October 3-5, 2011 in Heraklion on the island of Crete. Workshop Announcement.

· ICFA Advanced Beam Dynamics Mini-Workshop: X-Band RF Structures, Beam Dynamics and Sources (XB10).Cockroft Institute (UK), November 30 - December 3, 2010.

· 2nd ICFA Mini-Workshop on Deflecting/Crabbing RF Cavity Applications in Accelerators.  This workshop took place at the Cockcroft Institute (UK) from Tuesday April 21 through Friday April 23, 2010

· Symposium in Memory of Robert H. Siemann and Workshop on Novel Concepts for Linear Accelerators and Colliders, July 7-10, 2009 at SLAC.   

· Mini-Workshop on Laser-Assisted H- Beam-Stripping, February 18-19, 2009, ORNL  

· Advanced QED methods for future accelerators, 3-4 March, 2009, Cockcroft Institute, Daresbury, UK


Meetings and Notes from the Working Group on Remote Experiments in Accelerator Physics (REAP) 

· REAP Working Group Meeting At PAC 2003 Notes (5/14/2003) (pdf) (html)

· Communication Tools for a Global Accelerator Network (CoToGAN 2003), October 28-31, 2003, Trieste, Italy

· Remote Operations Workshop, September 17-20, 2002, Shelter Island, USA 

· Collaboration Tools for the Global Accelerator Network, August 26, 2002, LBNL, USA

· Enabling the Global Accelerator Network, March 21-23, 2002, Cornell University, USA

· Details for Mini-Workshop Proposals


ICFA Beam Dynamics Panel Working Groups

· Working Group on Future Light Sources 

· Working Group on High Luminosity e+e- Colliders 

· Working Group on High Intensity High Brightness Hadron Beams


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